La Modernidad del Hombre en Pijama

The Modernity of the Man in Pajamas

For some reason, the belief that the pijamas are outdated, unsexy or uncomfortable is still under debate when in reality, they provide more benefits than we can come to believe, especially in the day-to-day life of people who, due to the current panorama, have chosen or considered the use of softer clothing, ushering in a new era of man in pajamas.

And it is that, any old shirt, sports pants or torn boxer has been declared the ideal set to sleep or to simply be comfortable at home. Likewise, this trend has been maintained over the years, after putting aside the conventional infant pajamas.

The theme of Pijama in men it goes much further and seeks to assert itself, so it is worth evaluating and talking about how it can have a more positive impact on the life of contemporary man who, every day is more deconstructed.

So, do pajamas have a fundamental role in everyday life or have they influenced in any way the life of today's man? It may be that new trends and the creation of new habits are positioning the pajamas in a new status and with it, increasing its benefits in everyday life.

The Man in Pajamas: Main Benefits

First of all, it should be noted that the pijamas They are no longer used solely for sleeping, so the catalog of options to choose from is increasingly wide and with more alternatives, not only in aesthetics or design, but also in materials.

For the current and modern man, comfort and well-being are essential when resting or simply carrying out tasks that do not require much effort. Hence, you will always want to opt for a lightweight piece of clothing that is adaptable to any situation.

And it is that, not all the pijamas They are made of striking prints or fabrics, there are also designs that are neutral enough to go with any moment, whether it is to sleep, rest in the living room or go out to make simple purchases. Even thanks to these variables, there are people who come to combine these pieces of clothing with jeans or something a little more elaborate, achieving a look that is relaxed enough, but not so much.

Now, although we mention these mainly aesthetic benefits, the strong point of pajamas is to provide body comfort. And it is that, basically its objective is to offer to improve the experience at bedtime.

Sleeping in pajamas it interferes with the natural regulation of the body's temperature, and thus affects the quality of sleep. Of course, this happens depending a lot on the material from which the pajamas are made, the size and even the season in which the person is. In the same way that it regulates temperature, the material also allows the body to relax due to its softness and looseness.

How to choose comfortable pajamas for day to day?

The benefits of wear pajamas They manifest themselves to a greater or lesser extent depending on the type of clothing that is being chosen. Some factors that must be taken into account when choosing the ideal pajamas range from the type of fabric, the size, to the color.

Among these topics, the most determining factor would be the size of the pajamas since, very loose or tight, it will influence the body and the temperature. Therefore, although the use of looser pieces is always recommended, specifically it must be at least one size larger, to maintain said comfort and allow the body to have sufficient mobility.

On the other hand, another important point is the fabric of the whole. Although it was mentioned that the size of the clothing influences, the fabric also. If they are in summer, it would be best to use cotton pajamas for their freshness. While it is in winter, the most ideal would be to use something with a fabric a little warmer or a little heavier as a fleece.

As for color, many people tend to give importance to this in their pajamas because it influences the mood. The most frequent colors in pajamas are soft or light tones that convey more calm.

Are men's pajamas outdated?

The belief in men's pajamas and how old-fashioned they are is understandable. Previously, the cut of men's pajamas did not vary much and consisted of pieces that did not mark the silhouette, with dark colors and the most risky were those striped or polka dot prints.

But we must remember that we are no longer in the fifties or seventies where the trend was that style of pajamas or those robes with a more formal and stately cut that, indisputably, were extremely comfortable.

Nowadays, men's pajamas are more varied and the old-fashioned is in the past. A Tommy Hilfiger pajamas with a long-sleeved shirt and long cotton pants can easily be found in a shop window or on a web page; While you can also get a full pajamas or onesie with a warm fabric or even a poplin camisole in the best Far West style.

Comfort and Wellbeing as Priority

On the subject of rest and pajamas, special emphasis is placed since comfort and well-being must be placed as the highest priority, both for women and men, even when going to bed.

Although the pijamas Of women are the most showy and in trends, the masculine outfits are not far behind since, the contemporary man has found himself outside his common area and is even experimenting with the clothes he uses to rest.

The evolution of men's pajamas It has come a long way and aims to fit in with the needs and modern style that it has adopted today. For this reason, both the styles and the utility have known how to change to be one of the main options both for its versatility and for its comfort.

Thus, men's pajamas in addition to being a matter of functionality also became a matter of their own well-being. Wearing comfortable, well-made pajamas that fit the person's style, undoubtedly makes him feel good and able to strengthen his relationship with himself.

Most of the time you tend to reserve the best for specific or special occasions, but you have to create the habit of saving the best for personal care and rest. The modern man must not only worry about his appearance in everyday life, he must also pay special attention to how he looks and takes care of himself in his intimate life.

Therefore, a sleep routine and the use of good pajamas is essential in your personal evolution. In addition to the fact that pajamas are still a great option even to leave the house, thus being a beneficial piece for the person in their privacy and public life, becoming an attribute a thousand times more useful and practical.