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Read As Rest Routine

Reading before bed is an ancient tradition. Some people cannot sleep without reading, but for others, the bedtime story has remained in childhood as the pijamas. In recent times, the interest in reading has increased enormously, as well as the use of the pijamas.

Whether it's because people are running out of hobbies to try when stuck at home or looking to expand their vocabulary, it's all up for debate.

However, the key question remains: can the practice of reading before bed, settled and accompanied by a good pajamas? An exploration of how it affects the brain was carried out and could be verified with what the experts say.

Reading at Bedtime Reduces Stress

Reading before bed could relax significantly. A leading study from the University of Sussex raised the stress levels of several participants and then tried to reduce them. Reading was found to work better, reducing stress levels by 68 percent. It was better than listening to music, drinking tea or coffee, and going for a walk.

It only took 6 minutes to reduce the stress levels of the participants. If to these results, we add the comfort factor that it provides pajamas, it could be said that sleep and rest are more than assured.

This is because, by reading a good book, the mind is distracted from the daily stress and worries that cause tension. Stories give the mind the option to be somewhere else for a while. This means that you can leave your own problems behind, no matter if it is at night or in the morning or perhaps in the middle of the afternoon, there will be no excuse to slip into good pajamas and enter the world of letters. Reading also allows the muscles to relax and slows down breathing, providing more peace of mind.

Read as an alternative

The Sleep Council says that 39% of people who are in the habit of reading before bed sleep very well. It makes perfect sense that a stress-reducing activity is beneficial before bed. Reading is also a better alternative to watching TV or scrolling on the phone. These emit blue light that tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime. This is the reason why most adults prefer to read a book than watch television before bed and cannot sleep without a chapter from their current book.

Sleep is the first thing to do when you feel pressed for time. Unfortunately, most see sleep as a luxury and believe that less sleep is more beneficial. However, there are long-term health consequences of insufficient or poor quality sleep. Ultimately, these consequences can affect overall time and productivity.

Importance of Night Rest

According to NCBI, the costs of poor quality sleep are negligible, including medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. While these conditions can develop over a long period of time due to factors such as lack of exercise, genetics, and poor nutrition, they are also linked to poor quality and insufficient sleep.

So it goes without saying that a good night's sleep is an important factor for overall health and well-being. Therefore, it is important that you take advantage of all the benefits for yourself and that of loved ones by getting a good night's rest. Although good sleep is not a guarantee of good health, sleep helps maintain most vital functions.

Like dressing for daytime affairs, it's also important to dress well when you go to bed each night, especially since what you wear makes a difference in your quality of sleep and your overall health.

Wearing Pajamas for Quality Sleep

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't just mean eating right, exercising, and reducing stressful situations. It also means feeling good both inside and out. While most think that being healthy involves life-changing habits, it can be as simple as wearing the right pajamas to sleep. Pajamas can improve sleep quality by:

Protect the body from the cold

The pijamas they bring with them several benefits, such as keeping the body warm. In addition to covering the legs completely, they protect them from the cold throughout the night. While you may consider adding blankets during the cold winter season, having warm pajamas during cold nights is more effective.

Prevent Diseases

Wear pajamas at night reduces the risk of catching a cold or the flu. In case you accidentally drop the blanket while sleeping, or the partner steals it, it will give you a chill. In such a situation, you may not immediately wake up to cover your body. But if you use pajamas, you won't have to worry about someone stealing your warm blankets. If you are uncovered while sleeping in a cold room long enough, you will most likely catch a cold.

Helps Hygiene

While a good night's sleep helps recharge for the next day's activities, the skin also sheds dead cells and renews itself. When you go to dream land, your body sheds dead skin cells filled with microorganisms at an enormous rate.

Although they may not be harmful, they can cause problems if placed in the wrong place. When you go to bed in your pajamas, most of the dead skin and bacteria will end up on your outfit and not on the sheets.

Sleepwear acts as a barrier between the body and the sheets. Therefore, pajamas should be washed properly and regularly. According to Medical Daily, if this garment is not washed properly and regularly, it can be susceptible to cystitis, MRSA, and skin infections.


In order to get a good night's sleep, you need to feel comfortable before going to sleep. Being comfortable while sleeping will help you get into deep sleep quickly and stay there for a good amount of time without interruption. Nice pajamas can be made of material suitable for the skin of the body.


While there is no need to worry about the look of your pajamas as long as it is comfortable, this scenario is only applicable if you sleep alone. But if you have a special someone you want to impress, wearing sexy pajamas can give you some extra points with "love interests."

If you have trouble getting to dreamland at night, there can be a number of reasons. However, one of the most likely causes is that the right pajamas are not being used to sleep. Make sure that the pajamas you sleep in are made of good quality fabrics, that is soft, breathable and, most importantly, comfortable between the sheets.