Moda Para Hombres En Los Años 20s

Men's 20s Fashion

Much is said about fashion and how it has been the evolution of the history of Pijama throughout history, with two key scenarios the decade of the 20s and the 40s; which is evidence that these garments, like everything that has to do with clothing, has formed and is currently an essential part of the wardrobe of both ladies and gentlemen; in that decadent age, in which, far from considering them disheveled, the pijamas they were at the top of fashion.

The Lido, in fact, the most famous beach in Venice, has stood out for more than 150 years for its great sophistication. Therefore, it may be quite surprising and above all curious to know that for the year 1927 there was an advertisement which promoted it as "the beach of the sun and the pijamas”.

It is that both its spas and hotels were places where very wealthy people felt comfortable spending days and afternoons totally relaxed and going to parties, dressed from head to toe in a garment that today is associated with bedtime. , convalescence or simply lazy days literally lying on a sofa.

The Modern Era

In the glorious 1920s fashion entered a phase of brilliance, in the modern era. In essence, women totally free themselves from the impositions that fashion brought and begin to wear much more comfortable garments as well as shorter pants or skirts, which obviously brought a stir and disapproval.

For their part, from these new styles, men also have a lot to say in terms of the changes brought by the world of fashion and it is in this decade when they abandon the much more formal style clothing to also start using clothing of a sport style.

Evolution and Change

As curious as it may seem, the suits and combinations that are used today are inspired by that style that began to be used with fury in that decade, although it is possible to distinguish two very different periods.

Obviously, in the beginning the resistance of the people is evident, which is very natural because they did not dare to adopt too many changes, especially of such irreverent caliber, but in the middle of the decade, and already coinciding more with the crazy twenties. , people began to use many of the associated styles that describe this era, and this lasted well into the 1930s.

Thus, it is observed how in the early twenties these new fabrics and closures were born. Natural fabrics such as cotton were all the rage and wool textiles were very abundant at that time, while silk was considered a luxury, in fact, quite expensive, until artificial silk or rayon began to be produced, which became very popular when being used in different clothes.

In addition, if the idea is to try to adopt this style, surely you can start opting for a large number of different closures such as buttons, laces, snaps, clasps as well as a great variety of utensils that also became part of a kind of ornaments mode.

New Garments

Part of these men's outfits, specifically jackets, mainly models that had a really high waist were used, and in the vast majority of cases they were used with tight straps. The lapels of these jackets were buttoned high and they were not very wide either. It doesn't take long to see that it was really about these jackets being heavily influenced by the military uniforms of the war.

The combined suit jackets were rather short while the long ones were already reserved only for very special occasions or at night. For the summer season, the linen suit in pastel tones represented a great option, in palettes such as yellow, green or blue. Tweed-style suits that also gave a very elegant look to the outfits of the twenties, you can combine them with sweaters or checkered shirts.

As for the pants, the cut was somewhat narrower and straighter in the same way they used to be quite short, even with the aim of showing the socks in various elaborate designs. In addition, they were also beginning to be used with a lap or several at the bottom.

Later, a trouser model also became fashionable to combine it with jacket suits, where the lapels were widened much more as the decade progressed; even loose sleeves also began to be used more frequently.

More Classic Garments

The new combinations for more classic garments included a lot the vests, since they were used on multiple occasions with a basic shirt, they were versatile and comfortable formulas. In addition, sportswear was also on the rise, so these combinations in this more sporty style played a very significant role in the style especially of younger men. If what you want is to carry this style to perfection, you can use different sweaters and shorts, which were once known as underwear.

And if it is an accessory, as a perfect complement, a good supply of very iconic hats from this time, varied and modern, made in a wide range of materials and with different finishes should not be missing in the closet, as well as the suspenders, that piece that expresses style, which will undoubtedly give the missing point to the style inspired by the 20s.

As for footwear, it will be essential to refer to two-tone Oxford shoes, as they are undoubtedly a basic impossible to forget and will be ideal when combined with an elegant black tuxedo. The idea of contrasting colors and tones is essential; A combination of the best style of this decade is a suit with a jacket, pants, vest and tie in soft and strong contrasting tones, which will surely be the point that this look is missing to complete the best 1920s style.

Pajamas From the 20s

As important and fundamental as wearing a hat, the use of Pijama in the 20s brings the best of irreverent fashion and style, the fabulous and famous onesies that today we see reappear in modernized onesies to the best current style, they would be in the most intense furor of that time in addition to the traditional pajamas in two pieces, putting into play innovative textiles that gave it the necessary touch to remain and evolve in the history of fashion as an essential garment in the men's wardrobe.

This concept of modernity of that time is what continues to turn this universe that surrounds fashion on its head, it is not at all uncommon to see famous models and artists on the red carpet wearing and proudly wearing a look inspired by these styles of fancy pajamas, some with a Gatsby flair typical of these crazy flapper and jazz years, lavish casinos and a glamorous 1920s lifestyle.