Los Pijamas y Los Colores

Pajamas and Colors

When it comes to changing bedding or buying a good Pijama, It seems like a whole task that maybe for some gentlemen it can be a useless job, because the truth is that more and more men are involved with their image even when it is time to sleep.

Aspects such as the fabrics, the cut and the model of the piece that previously went unnoticed today take on special interest as parameters for choosing a Pijama. One of these factors that is well worth stopping to analyze from time to time has to do with the psychology of color, this because the colors used in the outfits in fact affect emotionally much more than what is known. think.

Many scientific publications have dedicated their time to researching and developing certain postulates that clearly expose the language of color in garments.

The favorite color

Obviously there are very specific tastes and by the way it has nothing to do with gender, so pink can be seen a lot in quite elegant men's clothing. Black is usually preferred among the male public, and you can wear black even from head to toe almost daily, but a pajamas of that color can cause some uneasiness, although among ladies it is usually very common in lingerie. exclusively for sleeping.

It is that “in general it is not common to realize the psychological impact of color in daily life, by associating it with something superficial or purely aesthetic. And it really is important because it can help in a very kind way to better self-knowledge, express aspects of the personality and feel physically and emotionally fuller ”, a quote from Domingo Delgado, an expert psychologist in image coaching and color psychology.

Matter of Taste

Although in essence the colors of the garments are usually chosen for a simple matter of taste, the reality is completely different, as the expert explains in detail, the wardrobe has a great impact that goes far beyond the aesthetics, because “it affects the entire belief system, which involves thinking, feeling and acting”, what Delgado affirms in this quote is that it implies the physical mechanisms where colors as a stimulus directly influence the emotional level.

“When wearing a garment, the first thing that happens is that the color causes a physical sensation that activates each person's emotional state. It works something like flipping a light switch (the color). In doing so, an alert of more attention to the illuminated area (emotions) is activated "

The psychologist also adds that, “each tone influences certain and very certain different psychological aspects and, also depending on how these colors are combined with each other, which will directly influence the type of reaction we have. These sensations predispose the individual to very specific attitudes that definitely affect the mental structure or way of thinking of each person ”.

Emotions and Color

So, as a good guide, the expert's summary is actually quite simple. Well, it confirms that it ultimately depends on the degree of sensitivity you have, which may intuitively influence the choice of certain colors to build a better scenario in each situation.

Although it is obvious that everything depends on each person and what they need at all times, the expert says that “the first thing is to ask yourself what generates insecurity in terms of the image aspect, not to try at all to disguise the answer or neither does the self-concept of personal image ”; Delgado also states that there are certain basic colors that can help considerably on the emotional level and, therefore, influence behavior in some way.

As Orientation

In the first instance, it is about providing guidance, in the end the choice will always be the client's. According to this guide provided by the expert, warm colors invite you to have much more open ideas, and also to be more proactive. Sure that pajamas in these colors, it will allow you to have a very productive day.

On the other hand, cool colors inspire deeper and more concrete thoughts. It is the same as saying that you have rather analytical states of thought, which, in simple terms, can lead to reflections before falling asleep.

Also, and in more detail, green brings balance, hope and calm; earthy colors give more stability. Bright, bold colors such as red throughout the palette help you feel more personal power. The black gives the reading of putting a boundary between the mood and the circumstances.

In the same way that colors affect emotionally, they also contribute to the construction of messages and of course to transmit them. Therefore, and although these are not really universal and absolute rules, the importance of choosing the palette is emphasized, adapting each color to the specific situation and the message that you want to send, whatever the field.

In this context, blue tones convey confidence, which is sure to impact leadership figures. The bright and cheerful colors as they convey greater openness. The complementary colors combined with each other transmit creativity, which also encourages these environments that demand the development of this skill. The most basic colors like black and gray mean compromise, which should be paired with other shades wisely. Of course, the classic white color that signifies excellence.

The Colors That Help The Night's Rest

Involving the concrete fact of night rest related to the clothes used to sleep, in the same way that choosing certain colors for the decoration of both the home and the room affect the mood, as it happens with the colors used in the clothes that are chosen to sleep, which involves both bedding and Pijama, as it directly influences the emotional sphere.

Experts in this area of fashion and functional design accordingly, it is a fact that, in bedding as well as in choosing the most suitable pajamas, neutral color combinations in all their ranges are the most recommended options for sleeping. better, such as soft grays, beige, earths, washed blues, greyish greens, among these hues.

Analyzing the context, it is easy to realize that in the end everything makes sense, because observing in detail that sports garments have more striking and fluorescent colors is well justified; Since going to the gym means getting into action, oxygenating yourself and taking care of your body from activity and physical exercise.

Hence, if the activities are more aerobic and strength, the most striking colors come into play, such as red, orange, yellow combined with black, gray and blue, citrus tones that activate the necessary feeling of dynamism.

If the activities are anaerobic and relaxing, for example, like yoga; then the criterion of lighter and softer colors prevails, to promote a more passive state to a certain extent. The truth is that, ultimately, there are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect pajamas.