Nuevas Tendencias de Pijama Cómodo Para Estar En Casa

New Trends in Comfortable Pajamas To Be At Home

The new world scenario that has been seen based on the quarantine that began in 2020 has generated changes even in the smallest aspects of daily life. In addition to bringing changes in work patterns, in the economy and doing business in general, it also brought changes in our common daily life with new trends of comfortable pajamas.

Garments are not perceived in the same way as before and now, they are not only comfortable. Although comfort is a main factor, it is also intended that these are useful, practical and flattering. Here, the variety of textiles is very wide and we can find options such as wool, cashmere, or the classic cotton in extremely comfortable garments to be at home, or telework.

In this new panorama, the pijamas Well made, tasteful and specially designed to show off and look good are in the spotlight.

This task, for a designer, is not an easy path and it can be frustrating and, in addition, quite a challenge to make clothes that cannot be worn outside the home, but this should not be an impediment to developing the growth of more comfortable clothes.

It is necessary to take into account that, although this new trend is an almost unexplored path, society has drastically changed, and with it, its habits and lifestyle. So, faced with this, its mobility restrictions and the implementation of teleworking, it is necessary to think about clothes to spend time at home, work and the night rest.

Comfortable pajamas and Home Clothes

If we evaluate this new reality, everyday clothes have a place in it, but in the closet. The new trend in workwear requires, as already mentioned, it focuses much more on comfort, comfort but also that they meet expectations around personal tastes and preferences, fulfilling the mission of making the person look good. modern man.

Here, we find how fashion is expanding more and more, with lines that bear more striking names such as homewear, loungewear or leisurewear, with models of pants, T-shirts and hoodies made with soft and friendly fabrics, such as faithful cotton.

A clear example of this is Diesel, which has launched a line to be at home, inspired mainly by sportswear designs made with soft and more flexible fabrics for all day-to-day activities, with a wide catalog of innovative and high-quality garments. style, managing to adapt to all ages.

Smart Garments

This smart clothing trend is not new, but it is also making a strong impression among the new comfortable clothing trend. These pieces of clothing are mainly characterized by being aesthetic, minimalist and timeless collections, which have integrated Hi-Tech hybrid fabric, ideal for those who work at home.

Its design is also characterized by being consistent and, at the same time, it continues to provide softness and comfort to the touch by resting lightly on the skin to provide a unique warmth and freshness during use, especially in cold seasons.

Fabric that Adapts to the Season

Like the smart and minimalist garments we mentioned above, there are also smart fabrics that, in addition to adapting to the anatomy, are mainly adapted to the season.

Unlike the previous garments, these are made with soft cotton fabrics on the outside, to give a cleaner and more matte finish. But, inside we find a slightly denser material that absorbs and retains body heat in order to maintain that ideal temperature of warmth for those cold environments.

Regarding its aesthetics, light and sober colors are also kept to maintain that state of relaxation, thus working hand in hand with that particular fabric that maintains comfort and guarantees comfort.

Up to this point we have given endless characteristics, claiming to be the most ideal to be at home, but you have to press on which are the best garments that should be considered.

Comfort and Work at Home Go Hand in Hand

Being locked up at home is not easy, much more if you are going to be working in the same way. Therefore, you have to look for loose clothing and avoid narrow ones, as well as those outfits that increase perspiration. For this, it is always advisable to opt for an extra size and ensure that freedom and comfort.

On the other hand, the choice of pants is also essential, especially those that have a design with elastic or adaptable cord so as not to tighten the abdominal area when we are sitting.

But be careful, a tracksuit is not the same as a homewear outfit. Brands such as COS or Mango have more specific lines with comfortable garments to be at home and to sleep.

Slow Fashion and Comfort

When reviewing brands, we will find many that offer a wide variety of options and are constantly updating them, while feeding on new trends. That's why you can get a myriad of hoodies and pants of all styles and sizes. From the most sophisticated and elegant, to the most classic and even eco-friendly.

The environmental impact of the fashion industry, or better known as fast fashion, has been huge. On the other hand, the garments to be at home are those that appease this impact and influence with Slow fashion, slow fashion or sustainable fashion.

Brands such as Ecoalf is the biggest reference in this matter since it manages to integrate organic materials and fabrics to complete pieces. Here, there is a great variety of pieces made with a manufacturing process focused mainly on responsibility and environmental respect, since they only have vegetable dyes and can be recycled after use, extending their useful life to avoid unnecessary waste at all costs.

Comfortable Clothes For Virtual Meetings

An issue that we could not ignore either since it is one of the main protagonists in this new normal, are virtual meetings. It is true that, when making video calls or online work meetings, we must give a good image, so we must take care of our appearance even to project ourselves in the distance.

Here we have the duty to highlight the fact that there are also brands that specialize in garments that, although they are not pajamas as such, they are quite comfortable and adaptable to the new work environment.

These brands offer blazer-type jackets with stretch fabrics that are comfortable. You can also find a wide selection of shirts with comfortable fabrics that prevent excessive sweating, like pants, which has been the garment that has evolved the most.

Self Love Equals Comfortable Clothes

In the world of fashion or clothing in general, it is said a lot that people should make clothes look through their confidence and attitude. On the other hand, on the point of comfortable clothing or the pijamasIt encompasses something much more intimate and personal.

When choosing pajamas, we put ourselves first, our comfort and rest. So the break goes way beyond wearing an old t-shirt, just underwear or nothing. Here, we must think very well what we will use, how it makes us feel and if it reflects who we are in the comfort of a room or house.

Our comfort is important, which is why it makes the pijamas, or comfortable clothing in general, go hand in hand with self-esteem.