Pijama, Mucho Más Que Moda

Pajamas, Much More Than Fashion

The fashion It can be a quite abstract concept at times, since trends and styles actually vary a lot with respect to the vision of designers and all these personalities who in another way dictate what is in trend and what is not.

There will be people who prefer to lean towards comfort and certain factors that have to do with the practicality of a garment, whether it is a student, or an executive professional, but an entrepreneur will surely have very different patterns to choose clothing, well to go to your office, spend free time or for the night rest.

Now, at bedtime specifically, it is worth asking the question of whether it will be decisive for the man choosing a Pijama under these criteria.

Pajamas and Fashion Concept

Basically we all have an idea of what it means Fashion, and in most cases there will be coincidences regarding the character of exclusivity and the cost of dressing in fashion. However, and for quite some time, these ideas have been extended to rather a concept under the premise of something more accessible or for everyone, and the truth is that currently there are options for a variety of tastes and preferences.

Then, it can be considered that everything that in some way becomes very popular and is sought after by a sector of society or by all of it, for a long or short period of time, is about fashion. But without fear of appearing too pragmatic, there is a danger of rapidly becoming obsolete, as is the case for example with technology.

Then, it will be much more than the simple idea of all those products established and adopted, which acquire popularity and prevail over time in that market where they coexist with others of the same category, as well as preferences, tastes and in general in the process of consumer purchase decision.

Clothes for rest are nothing new, what is more relevant is that the wearing pajamas In men, it is gaining a new and very renewed boom, because thinking about the new profile of buyers, the modern man and his character, these garments currently adapt perfectly to the needs of the man of this century, and what better is that it is all a habit of men of all ages.

A Fashionable Man

Specifically, speaking of clothing fashion, it can be said that it is the style that is maintained for a certain time. In addition, as a statistical concept in economics, it indicates the value that appears most frequently in a series of sector data and refers to the use or novelty that achieves wide acceptance, and that can affect social life in general.

Finally, it refers exclusively to the social phenomenon linked to the change of clothing as well as to the social phenomenon that generates and is generated by the constant and periodic variation of clothing in people's lifestyles.

Well then, Fashion It changes, but it is also cyclical, it is renewed. And within all these aspects, gentlemen find a space to look good, dress in fashion and indulge in these night-time clothes, pajamas, as part of your wardrobe.

Hence using a good Pijama for him night rest It is no longer a matter for children or older adults, but for the young university student or the businessman. For everyone there is between tastes and colors, yes at least two of these.

Generation in Pajamas

From El Búho Nocturno.com, it has always been promoted that pajamas are for sleeping, because that is why it has been designed, but the reality is that these garments have transcended the bedroom. Well, if you had to locate another word to define Fashion At the moment, the most accurate thing would be to say that it is versatile.

Term somewhat twisted on some occasions, but quite assertive to describe what is required of a good wardrobe of garments, that they are versatile and that they do not become obsolete. This new lifestyle of almost everyone, with the accelerator at full throttle, demands that our clothes adapt to this rhythm, that they make things easier for us, not the other way around.

This society of increasingly active and highly participatory consumers requires garments that are worth both men and women, faithful companions from day to night, from the gym to the bar and from the airport to the office; Immersed in this boom in sportswear for not doing sports and the style of clothing for the wealthy who literally do whatever they want like wearing cashmere leggings or those silk knit cardigans, the fashion for El Búho Nocturnos has arrived.

In words more or less, pajamas luxurious that they take from the party to the bed. Understand something like some clothes with which you can go to drink champagne, organize afters or receive guests. Let's just look at this example, Olivia Von Halle, author of the pajamas that Kate Moss wears to party, inspired by the ones that Coco Chanel stole from her lovers and wore to have the penultimate drink at home.

Classic Men

Thus, like men like Marlon Brando or Paul Newman, known as famous film myths, they were able to elevate that figure of the wearing pajamas, the current man likes to look great even at bedtime.

That is to say that the time of those boys who liked to sleep in a badly called natural way, who only admitted the sheets on top definitely and for the good of all, already passed; Well now there is pajamas very youthful and so comfortable that they are currently an indispensable piece of the men's wardrobe.

However, even thinking that it is more of a conservative style, the reality is that this garment offers several options that go from shorts and sexy to traditional checked or striped pajamas.

We know that there is this worn-out stereotype that most men sleep in boxer shorts, but the reality is different and that is that the increase in men who wear pajamas sleeping is real, not only because of that aesthetic and elegance increasingly appreciated by gentlemen, but also because of a habit of health and good habits.

Totally, if a good jacket or a combination of perfect clothes speak very well of a man, it also says a lot about his personality that Pijama With which he goes to sleep even in company, since the image distinguishes him in all spaces and among all the scenarios of daily life, including his room.

It is common to take a good time to choose clothes for special occasions such as a celebration, party or important event; but leaving aside or even completely ignoring the need for winter bedding, for example.

Perhaps for some gentlemen it is still difficult to stop sleeping with an old sweatshirt, or that sweatpant that once was for exercise, the truth is that pajamas it is actually more than comfortable, hence the fashion industry increasingly includes garments from the Homewear market with options for all tastes and preferences.