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Custom Pajamas

In women's fashion, luxury pajamas have risen to the point that they can also be worn during the day with heels and a handbag. Men's fashion has yet to reach such levels, even if men's sleepwear is experiencing a real rise in notoriety comparable to that which took place on the women's catwalks.

Lovely pajamas Combined with elaborate robes, retro slippers increasingly become symbols of luxury and trend, inevitably also objects of desire.

The Characteristics of the Men's Pajamas

In silk, cotton, fine flannel, the luxury pajamas for men are classic and consist of skinny pants with drawstring at the waist without elastic at the ankles, button-down shirt, V-neckline and Cuban collar. It is sometimes paired with a robe, the latter for comfort and style.

Colors range from simple light and sky blue tones to jewel-like colors: sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red, topaz violet. The choice of fantasy is then a matter of personal style: micro patterns and floral prints for romantic and bohemian personalities, pinstripes and plaids for incurable traditionalists.

Where you can buy fancy pajamas for men? Well, nowadays it is easier to find specialized stores with well-made pajamas, so it is easier to look for brands that have always been synonymous with quality and style.

Conquering the Dream

A person with care and attention to detail can be recognized by how he dresses inside and outside the home. It is known that when a man returns from work, he cannot wait to rest and get comfortable; and of course wanting to enjoy a Sunday morning in which to be free to walk around the house and enjoy a long and healthy breakfast feeling comfortable with what you saw. So select the best pajama model that adapts to your needs: It is not only about comfort and quality, but also about maintaining a homey style that is second to none.

The Right Pajamas Makes Sleeping More Enjoyable

There are those who opt for practicality always and everywhere, those who do not give up elegance even under the covers and who, instead, take advantage of the darkness to experiment with new combinations. In El Búho Nocturno, models are available for all tastes. A lot of effort has been put into transforming men's pajamas into a garment with a lot of character.

With fabrics that are fresh, light and modern: it is men's pajamas with the typical checkered pattern in different colors and shades and the inevitable classic model. They are those pajamas with classic, essential and refined shapes that should have a reserved space in the drawer of linen and suitcase, along with matching robes and bedroom slippers.

Each man, however, dresses differently. Those who spend all day in a suit and tie will probably want to completely change their style when they get home, or those who settle in in the morning opting for tracksuits and trainers will want to wear something similar for the evening as well.

On the other hand, in solid-colored men's pajamas you are not in a hurry to change: you watch television, read the newspaper, eat breakfast and even play quietly with the children as if you were wearing a tracksuit. Dark colors are the most popular, but there is no shortage of red and blue accents and not even Disney prints for the youngest.

Healthy and Peaceful Life: Choosing the Right Pajamas

The pijamas Men's short sleeves are ideal for summer and winter nights when the heating is left on. There are simple and modern suits in shades of blue and gray, consisting of round-neck or V-neck tops and matching shorts, with a comfortable elastic waistband. The solid color design is a refined solution and perfect also as a gift idea, but being a men's pajamas, stripes, checks and camouflage motifs are in fashion.

When the day begins, and you are ready to go to work; the style is impeccable: the right suit for the business meeting and matching shoes with the belt, or a uniform that fits perfectly. At the end of the day, to relax you do not have to follow any dress code, you are free to wear pajamas of a colorful, strange, classic or irreverent man, according to taste and preference.

There are many combinations that can be made, from a plaid model with a shirt or opt for shorts and combine them with a printed placket shirt; the style, in this case, depends on the user's preference. With pajamas, tailored men's socks and underwear, you have the comfort and freedom of movement needed to recharge your batteries after a long day at the office and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Good sleep is essential for health and feeling good and choosing the right Pijama for men it affects the quality of sleep. What are the aspects to take into account to be sure when buying nightwear? Choose clothing of the right size that is comfortable and skin-friendly, and opt for high-quality, lightweight fabrics that are cool in summer and warm in winter.

If you rest serenely at night, awakening is more reactive, focused, and the day is more productive at work. That is why models that have a cut that perfectly adapt to the body are recommended, preferably cotton, which does not make you sweat but at the same time ensures the right degree of heat, and contains a variable percentage of viscose, a fiber that gives the garment a delicate and pleasant softness.

You can also find organic cotton items, these are pajamas made with cotton fiber from controlled crops, made without the use of pesticides and skin-irritating chemicals. A breathable and durable fabric, which continues to maintain its original texture even after many washes, safe for those who wear it, for those who produce it and for the environment.

In fact, pajamas It seems the last bastion of masculine elegance to succumb to the casual, understood as that current general disdain for the formal and not as the predilection for the classic style of always.

Men's pajamasIt has become an essential garment within the universe of men's clothing; It has even reached the catwalks as well as in the Street Style galleries, and even in the social media profiles such as Instagram of the most prominent current influencers. More and more the Pijama, It looks like a more usual and everyday look for many men who flatly refused to wear it.

From silk shirts, to simple sets of shorts and flannel shirts. It is a garment that undoubtedly continues to gain popularity among the younger male population, and with an evolution of styles that is quite attractive and fresh.