Pijamas, Actividad y Descanso

Pajamas, Activity and Rest

Sleep is important, to rest comfortably and quietly, clothing should not be underestimated and, in this sense, pajamas he is the best friend. But it can also be due to other reasons. The pijamas They are a key element of any wardrobe: sleeping and resting are in fact essential activities for psychophysical well-being and this garment, many times abused and underestimated in the past, has become a key accessory in every bedroom in the world.

However, it is becoming more and more common to wear nightwear not only in bed, but also when you want a bit of comfort and relaxation at the end of a stressful day, after a refreshing shower or a restorative and perfumed bath.

But not only at home, the pijamas they can certainly be eliminated from mere domestic use. Especially when it comes to men; wearing it describes a new trend aimed at highlighting a natural and elegant look, suitable for the individual to always want to be in fashion Last trend.

From a purely nocturnal garment, it has moved on to a rapid and natural ascent towards something else, an object that escapes a precise definition, placing itself halfway between an underwear and a casual garment to wear in the daily routine.

Based on these assumptions, many people love to wear this garment even outdoors, for example during yoga and Pilates sessions. Cotton pajamas for men generally consist of two pieces: a shirt and long pants. A prerequisite for both garments is that they be especially wide; in fact, this freedom of the body must necessarily correspond to the comfort necessary for adequate rest.

What can be the main characteristics to choose the most suitable garment? Surely the following: softness, comfort and excellent value for money.

Among the most used fabrics for making men's pajamas there are cotton and natural fibers, state-of-the-art synthetic and silk looms that reflect light. Even in the colors it is possible to give space to a more classic style, with simple and elegant solid color models: from warm colors such as red, lilac, to cooler colors such as dark blue or gray; even more exciting color patterns can be selected, which mix chromatic creativity with strong aesthetic taste.

Given these premises it can be formulated that pajamas undoubtedly represents that element that acts as the missing link between those who seek practicality and those who have an eye for style.

At bedtime, the body needs maximum comfort to achieve optimal rest and, for this, the type of sleep must be chosen correctly. clothes to wear at night, since it affects the day to day more than you can imagine.

Pajamas Help You Rest Better

According to specialists, proper regulation of body temperature is the key to restful sleep, but it must be somewhere in between; neither too hot nor too cold.

One of the benefits of wear pajamas is to be able to keep the body at the right temperature to sleep. This will make it easier to fall asleep, not only will you fall asleep faster, but REM will also be reached much earlier.

Improves Circulation

Clothing for daily use is not an option at bedtime, being tight in certain parts of the skin can be uncomfortable and even prevent proper blood circulation. Another benefit of wear pajamas It is the release of tension in areas where other types of clothing get tight. The elastic bands that incorporate pajamas They are the reason why this garment adapts to the body, just as they do in underwear and, in this way, the skin does not tighten and, consequently, neither the underlying tissues, obstructing the normal flow of blood.

Avoid the Heat in Summer

High temperatures during the summer are a problem when going to bed, because the heat makes you sweat excessively and the mattress gets too hot, if you don't have air conditioning, one of the benefits of carrying Pijama is to regulate the body temperature, without sweating too much. Short-sleeved shirts or suspenders combined with shorts or nightdresses leave the extremities free, allowing the skin to vent.

Another benefit of wearing pajamas is keeping your body temperature cool so you don't wake up hot in the middle of the night; for this reason the fabrics used for its manufacture are breathable. Contributes to the repair of skin cells.

During the night hours and hours of rest, the body creates hormones to restore skin cells. This process is responsible for maintaining the firmness and freshness of the skin, preventing premature aging. For its proper development, this hormone called melatonin needs a warm body temperature. This means that the room temperature must be below 21 degrees at night. Among the benefits of sleep in pajamas instead of sleeping in everyday clothes is avoiding heat on the skin.

Avoid Skin Diseases

Both the skin and the brain need a few hours a day of restful sleep to function properly. During the day, you are constantly exposed to high levels of pollution, so a Pijama allowing adequate ventilation to the skin will allow the release of waste and toxins that have accumulated during the day. One of the advantages of wearing pajamas is that it ensures proper ventilation of the epidermis, thus preventing external agents from causing skin diseases.

In addition, the pajamas bring the air necessary for the skin to breathe, helps it to get rid of the remains of sweat and allows it to dry, thus preventing the appearance of fungus in the armpits, private parts and even vaginal infections, in the case of women.

Reduce Stress Levels

Cortisol, the hormone that the body releases in response to stress, builds up in the system throughout the day and the best way to get rid of it is to try to sleep an average of 8 hours straight. Freedom of movement combined with a perfect body temperature are some of the benefits of wearing pajamas. Wearing loose fitting clothing with soft and smooth fabrics keeps the heat from the muscles down, helping to remove cortisol.

Prepare the Mind for Rest

The predisposition of the mind helps in preparation for any activity, from going to work, to the gym or simply going to bed at night. Maintaining a daily routine tells your brain what you plan to follow each day. Take a simple action like donning pajamas Half an hour before going to bed, it relaxes the body and prepares it to go to sleep more easily. Therefore, one of the benefits of use Pijama before bed is falling asleep faster. The small changes to make before starting any activity are key to maintaining a good mood and staying healthy.