Pijamas Desde El Tejido

Pajamas From The Fabric

Since the beginning of the history of mankind, primitive man in his need to protect himself, had very early the idea of dressing with animal skins. He literally learned to sew skins together with tendons, fur strips, and animal visors. The idea of the textile factory it was simply nil.

A little later, he managed to make yarns not only with animal fibers but also from fibers of vegetable origin such as linen and silk. The day when heavy furs were replaced by materials made with tightly woven threads, opens the way to the development of fabrics.

In the same way and gradually spinning and weaving appear in history, the truth is that linen dates back to the Stone Age, wool in the Bronze Age, Silk in Ancient China, 5000 years ago.

Between Points and Fabrics

Nowadays it is possible to enjoy a fine Pijama in knitted fabric, but the truth is that it was quite an evolution. In 1830 it was Walter Hunt who devised the double stitch, in which two threads intertwine to form a stitch.

You probably had no idea at the time that your invention was going to become the basis for all sewing machines from that time to today's history of clothing.

Later, the American inventor Elías Howe, was the pioneer in the construction of a sewing machine that used a needle with the eye close to the stitch, which was used mainly in embroidery, to form a double stitch. Howe patented his machine in 1846.

In 1851, the reciprocating shuttle was replaced by the rotary shuttle that Isaac Singer incorporated into his sewing machine model. Although the machines were successful in the market, it turns out that Singer was sued for this plagiarism of some of the ideas of this inventor.

It is interesting how machines evolve, granting being able to automate processes and do more frequent things in less time, since there was a demand to cover and that was also increasing.

Later, this name so recognized in the current world, was adding new and better features to sewing machines, the truth is that even today its basic mechanisms remain similar to the originals. Until the first electric sewing machine created by Isaac Singer in 1889.

In this context, it is easy to see that the Textile Industry was the first to develop.

Although today we can enjoy all kinds of clothes for all occasions, elegant suits to go to the office, look eccentric combinations to enjoy time with friends, bedding of the best taste and exquisite pajamas to sleep, the truth is that there is a long evolution to reach this current variety.

The purely artisanal production of fabrics was for centuries a very important economic activity in European countries, both of fabrics made from wool and of today's popular cotton.

This artisanal or domestic system, which focused on the use of very simple tools or machines, gave way to production in large factories with dozens of looms powered by hydraulic energy or by means of steam engines.

Dressing is an almost basic or fundamental need, hence the Textile Industry throughout the 18th century emerged through important technical innovations. Where most of them were made by craftsmen without special scientific knowledge, but with great knowledge of their art.

The Textile Industry Today

With the passage of time, the textile industry in the world has expanded, achieving its greater scope in the work of finishing fabrics, making and exporting all kinds of garments, with important fashion centers from where they erect the trends that are more sought after by style consumers.

This important sector is the focus of attention in the textile industry, innovating in much more modern and updated fabrics also goes into production techniques, where eco-friendly fabrics emerge in response to a global demand on the protection of the environment.

Pajamas Fashion

Fashion has a long history of abrupt changes in rapid transitions, which is absolutely normal. One day, what is trending as a new style it's completely inappropriate and the next day it ranks in the hottest hottest popularity levels again.

For example, by the 1920s, women were not allowed to wear pants in public. While, in the 1980s, the common people laughed at punkers for using Doc Martins. Fashion is like a kind of unexpected twists, almost unbridled waves that are sometimes very difficult to control, plus it can be very expensive to always maintain a modern style, that is when the classic style is very useful.

Some archetypes, like wearing tattoos, were only seen on older, gray-haired, old men in the navy or even ex-cons. Over and over again, we see that the choices regarding trends in fashion that are weird, awkward, or even outrageous become quite common.

Another more specific example, it turns out that currently the onesie are the newest item to add to this tradition of fashion choices by referencing garments designed for sleeping during the night's rest, especially in men's pajamas.

Then, With that connotation of shocking, you can find even less and less traditional models. While some people think that wearing a full bodysuit in public is strange, immature, or even disrespectful, it has become one of the more forward-thinking trends in the pijamas and living clothes for men and women.

The truth is that, in the face of these debauches, opting for a model of classic pajamas, with a shirt and long pants, with buttons at the front is a practical success that never goes out of style, since everything is essentially a classic model.

These popular traditional and classic men's pajama sets are generally made of 100% cotton, these pajama sets They are highly cool and breathable, making them absolutely perfect to wear even on the hottest nights that the summer months bring.

They commonly come with sizable arm and leg openings to provide plenty of room for air to flow freely, which also provides much more freedom of movement when worn.

Fashion can dictate many things in this eternal crusade, but the reality is that tastes and preferences have the last word. Thus there will be multiple other factors that have to do with the choice of pajamas that best suits the requirements of each client.

Certain elements such as comfort, fabrics and colors will be decisive, since the use of these garments must be first of all pleasant, since it is essentially about falling asleep at night so comfort must be the main reason that dominates the complete scheme . Have two sets of pajamas in the wardrobe is currently a priority for gentlemen who take care of every detail of their person.