Pijamas de Tejido de Punto

Knitted Pajamas

In hindsight, in every area of life and speaking in a general idea, any taste for a particular item should be taken as a unique and respectable preference within the universe of possibilities that exist to choose from.

Thus it can be deduced then, that the best pajamas for men It is the one that really meets all the expectations and needs of the buyer in question. In essence, it is a matter of taste, style, comfort, accessibility and your own sensations, which leads to finding the perfect pajamas.

On the one hand they exist from boxers, pajamas long and short, printed, silk, satin or wool. With classic cuts and more modern and relaxed styles, contemporary to current times; But they do not stop fulfilling the main function of wearing pajamas: providing essential support in the scope of a day of relaxation and rest; the prelude to physical and psychological preparation for a trip of truce from all the worries, responsibilities and burdens of day to day, which are achieved with the sacred hour of nighttime sleep.

To who El Búho Nocturno, takes seriously the mission of offering guidance and guidance regarding the options available in relation to the universe of men's sleepwear and pajamas, to show that there is always a valid option for everyone.

Always with the present premise, to provide the best and most accurate information that helps the audience of consecrated and potential readers and consumers; that him wearing pajamas sleeping and resting is a matter of consideration, supported by studies and proven results.

On this occasion, it is appropriate to talk a little about a fabric that is in trend from 2018 to the present, especially for making pajamas; the knitting. It is an elastic material with a special formation in its structure, consisting of threads formed in loops that are interconnected to produce a unique textile structure. It is actually a non-woven fabric, but retains the same traditional yarn weft system or what is known as a warp.

A special characteristic of this fabric, and what makes it special for making pajamas, is that it offers a quota of stretch and elasticity that others do not offer. This is due to the arrangement of loops in its structure, which offer the opportunity to change shapes and sizes of the garments that are made with this material.

Diversity of raw materials are used to create this fabric; which include linen, silk, cotton, viscose, wool, rayon and others that allow making creations to meet the demands of ever-increasing tastes. In general, manufacturers that use this raw material, add various synthetic materials to achieve better combinations and achieve greater durability and better quality in the final finishes of the material, and therefore of the garments to be produced with this fabric.

Types of Knitting

The types of knitting are differentiated by the way in which the fabric is made, starting from two types of weaving: warp weaving, characterized in that each thread has a needle and the fabric is woven vertically; and the weft fabric that is characterized by being woven with a thread that is interlaced horizontally.

Among the best known fabrics, created with the warp knitting modality, are: Raschel, Tricot, Milanese fabric; With which sleepwear, lingerie, bathing suits, sweaters, dresses, blouses, underwear, scarves and gloves are usually produced.

On the other hand, the best known fabrics made with the modality weft fabric there are: the jersey or plain point, interlock, rib and purl mode. These are the most demanding fabrics, due to their durability and easy maintenance, in addition to their low economic cost. Among the most common garments that are made with these fabrics can be found: Pajamas, dresses, t-shirts, leggings, shirts, dresses, underwear, tight dresses and cardigans.

Jersey or Plain Knit Fabric

This fabric or fabric known as jersey, also known as plain knit or flannel, is a raw material that is very popular and in great demand, especially it is widely used for the manufacture of pajamasSince it has a wide variety of colors, it can be printed and is a very comfortable fabric for daily use, especially when sleeping.

The jersey fabric has a single point, which is made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, viscose, linen or silk; or also made of synthetic material. It is very versatile, soft, durable, wrinkle resistant and highly elastic. That is why this fabric has a high popularity among the preferences of pajamas for men and kids.

There is a variety of cotton knitted fabric that has as its main characteristic, the flexible drape and a proven softness to the touch, it is a perfect material for the creation of wide or narrow pants, but especially for the production and manufacture of pajamas.

It offers the advantages of having great power of breathability, versatility and absorbency; It is ideal for making pajama sets for men, because it adapts to any weather season.

Knitted fabrics have become very popular, largely due to their advantages and the attractive price they offer; but also to its simplicity when caring for and maintaining it.

Some advantages

They have great resistance and good breathability, which makes them ideal for creating pajamas.

In the warmer seasons, this fabric allows the skin to breathe and when it is colder, it also serves as a shelter; it is very versatile

In addition, garments made from the plain knit fabric can be stretched in any four desired directions, it does not restrict the wearer's movement and the fit to body shapes is fabulous.

On the other hand, it is a very versatile fabric, it is used to create a wide variety of garments. Knitted fabric is strong, easy to maintain, wrinkle resistant, maintains shape and color for a long time, and is a very durable material.

It is a fabric that has very few disadvantages: such as the creation of pilling (creation of drying balls) in some garments, an action that can be controlled or avoided if the garments are washed dry.

This material offers the opportunity to create, for some, the perfect pajamas. Knitted fabric is a fabric that is part of the daily life of the vast majority of people, for its simplicity but also for its durability, for its great and undeniable versatility and the nobility of the garments that are made with it.

It is very common to get in any home, not only of yesteryear but also current, that preference and attachment for a favorite garment that is related to a great load of nostalgia and memories, which often brings episodes of happiness and joy.

Generally these garments are loved and appreciated pajamas that many are glad to have, and refuse to give up as companions of remembrances and sweet dreams.