Pijamas en Tapeta

Placket Pajamas

Whether with long or short sleeves, pants or shorts; for men there is always a wide variety to choose from pajamas suitable; after finishing an intense day of work or having enjoyed a lovely evening of entertainment.

The night and the time to enjoy sleep should not cease to be an ideal time to have a relaxing and comforting experience; It is the ideal time to recharge, collect thoughts, stop consciously processing ideas, and enjoy a pleasant sleep covered with the comfort that good pajamas offer.

To feel that pleasant sensation on the skin, at the time of rest; There is nothing like choosing the favorite garment to wear and preferably to protect yourself from the shift station.

Now that summer is on its way, the orientation on choosing pajamas should be focused on light, fresh pieces, with contemporary and modern cuts that help to provide a restful night's sleep and freshness in hot and humid times.

Some prefer cotton pajamas, with short-sleeved jackets or flannels; with cuts that include flaps and that do not resemble the classic models of pajamas that the grandparents used, with buttons and pockets on the front. Especially if you keep in mind, have an adventurous summer and return to "normality", after a whole year in seclusion due to the global health emergency.

Some experts assert that in order to maintain good spirits and strong self-esteem, a man has to sleep well dressed. Not only focus on the maintenance and care of the image and appearance of the outfit during the day, and the days that take place during it; but also to dress well when sleeping and resting.

At El Búho Nocturno, we offer our clients a wide range of variety of pajamas, from classic button-down shirt models, to garments with double pieces with a round or V-neck, fitted with flaps, which give an air of freshness to the rest attire.

All of the ready-made pajamas available on this site are made with very high-quality materials, the finest fabrics and the highest-level workmanship, offering high-rise comfort and rest.

Wear Short or Long Pajamas

At times of the year where the weather and temperature tend to be cooler and colder, men generally prefer long-cut pajamas, which include long-sleeved shirts and pants of the same design.

With fabrics that offer a better thermal sensation than that offered by cotton, which is a material with a greater predilection for men; Pajamas consisting of jogging style pants and sweaters with two and three button placket, with circular or V-neck, are available. This variety of style is the most in demand and is most popular with the young male public, permanent users. of pajamas.

Unlike the cold seasons like autumn and winter; It is very common for the preference of models and styles of pajamas to vary and change towards the modality of shorts and short-sleeved shirts, made of cotton mixed with jersey or satin.

However, it is still a trend the models of sets headed by the polo shirts with flaps, which offer the freedom of being able to open the buttons on the front, and at the same time avoid being naked without the upper piece of the Pijama. This is an important visual and use detail and should be held in high regard.

Wearing Henley Style Shirts

This garment is known for enjoying high popularity within the male gender. Ideal for everyday use; but mostly for use as Pijama. It is a basic piece in any male wardrobe; Mainly composed of lightweight materials that insulate against moisture and heat, thus providing freshness and protection at the same time.

They are characterized by their similarity to a sweater, by having round necks and being provided with a placket with two or three buttons. They come in long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions, and with a wide variety of colors and patterns.

In general, the short-sleeved model resembles polo shirts, but without the collar. The design is not conceived to be adjustable to the body, as is the case with polo shirts, but to be loose-fitting with the promise of freshness, protection and good looks.

The long-sleeved model, as already mentioned in the previous paragraph, is much more similar to a sweater, with a round neckline and also with a placket It features three to five buttons lighter. It is much lighter than a sweater and its use offers the protection and freshness of a light t-shirt.

This model of T-shirt, it could be said that it is multifunctional. It has the particularity of being able to be used as a casual garment, due to its simplicity and ease of use; apart from being a kind of wild card for his ability to dress and offer a certain air of confidence and composure, in the absence of a shirt or polo shirt.

The origin of this garment dates back to the early nineteenth century, in the English city of Henley on Thames an annual rowing competition was held, and the uniform of the teams consisted of this type of shirt. It is from there, where it derives its name. Almost immediately, this garment became a reference for the working working classes throughout the Western world; and this reference of comfort when dressing, moved to the bedroom as a faithful ally at the time of rest.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the great advantages of this garment is it has the virtue of being able to be made in different ways. It is a unique garment, which marks a style and offers comfort, freshness, protection against perspiration and humidity.

The placket that contains the buttons, allows the shirt to be opened and partially uncovered, without having to remove the garment completely. This element provides an obvious advantage over any other model of t-shirt, even over any shirt.

It is a garment that provides comfort and freshness, as already mentioned, but without significantly affecting the bank account. In general, it is a very economical and durable garment, with a particularity of being multipurpose, especially as part of a set of Pijama.

Henley T-shirts are generally made from cotton fabrics and synthetic material blends; although they can be manufactured with any fabric that offers to cover the needs of the user. This variant, of course, proceeds according to the climatic season of the year and according to the user's preference.

In general, it is a garment that adds style, is multifunctional, durable and easy to maintain. It's very affordable, and it's a great piece to wear with jogging pants and make a great set of outfits. pajamas

The way in which this shirt is used will depend a lot on its manufacturing material and how they are made. They can be light or a little more formal, but the truth is that they will always be very comfortable.