Rutinas en Pijamas

Routines in Pajamas

The expression "with pajamas on”Is the indicator that the hour of rest has arrived. Also this other expression that implies rest and relaxation associated with the use of Pijama, "This weekend is pajamas"; However, wear pajamas It is part of creating good habits, customs that provide order and structure in the formation of character and a personality of security and confidence in all areas of life.

The Man of Good Habits

As a principle, starting from the fact that humans are naturally programmed to seek and yearn for stability and reliability as a necessity. From the most basic universal theories of learning, postulates show that from the brain and the body we function much better if it is possible to follow a regular schedule for the development of all daily activities and work.

In fact, productivity is directly associated with order and planning in every way, which does not mean that everything must be under a strict schedule, but the reality is that this procrastination has become enemy number one. of successful people because making the most of time is a valuable asset.

Logical that, as a principle, it can be entirely fun or relaxing to have a lot of free time that can be used freely, especially in this era of technological innovation with these new forms of remote work, where a lot of discipline is required because if you have A remote connection job still has to meet a schedule, which has generated other responsibilities that have also changed.

So those decisions that need to be made about how to organize and distribute time can cause stress. What he means is that these routine activities can be a mess if you don't have control in the proper planning of time, going for the supplies, looking for the children at school or simply resting can be a whole issue.

Therefore, without a routine, during a single day it would be very difficult to make hundreds of decisions, so stress and anxiety will inevitably increase. What is meant is that building a routine can actually take all that pressure off, and sticking to a routine can go a long way toward building a lot more self-confidence.

The Benefits of Having Routines

From the outset, counting a routine helps to be much more efficient, it's that simple. The concept of analyzing each task, breaking it down into all those activities that are required and giving it an execution time, allows greater time control. Even more so if it becomes a habit and a routine is started, such as spending a certain number of hours and days for each activity such as going to the dry cleaner, paying the utility bills, or studying for university exams; which allows you to acquire your own rhythm under specific conditions that will make the time much more productive in an unequivocal way. This is true for just about anything, be it work, school, house cleaning, or even exercising.

Au clearer, the fact of following a rest routine or a schedule every day will help you to rest much better, this because having this control generates peace of mind.

Everyone Needs A Routine

Put very clearly and even bluntly, all members of the family at home can benefit from following a routine, young and old, especially children. Routines provide structure, model character, and make children much more sociable people. It is not at all about creating a perfect routine, but if you can work together as a family to develop a whole structure that is beneficial for everyone.

The creation of routines does not have a specific methodology, but you can opt for the simplest thing, such as starting by writing down all those things and the set of activities that need to be done, then ordering them based on elements of priority or urgency. The key is to always keep busy, but taking care to make time for food, recreation, rest and personal care.

Distribution of Activities

During the day, all work or study activities must have a specific estimated execution time, it is about delimiting the time that is considered necessary to develop and complete an activity completely. Working time at home is much more complex than it seems, the best recommendation to create stability is to designate the areas of the home to develop the different activities.

So, start by identifying the specific place to work and create a truly pleasant environment that has all the things that are required, and you will only work there, not in the bedroom or with the laptop on the bed; The same works for exercise, time to share with the family, free time to develop entertainment activities of your own taste, time for rest and of course personal care.

Night Rest Routine

Currently this issue of sleeping eight hours in a row has become something really complex and very difficult to achieve, but the reality is that the night rest It is essential to avoid premature aging, and to have the energy to face the challenges that the day brings. The days that are very full of tension, with a lot of stress and anxiety actually make it difficult to have a good night rest it is more difficult to fall asleep, which can also cause acute insomnia.

It's on your own to do your best to implement a nightly rest routine, starting with having an hour to go to bed, get pajamas and to sleep. As far as possible, avoid night work, because in the long run it disrupts all schedules, the day is heavier and can impact on a good diet or, worse still, a good digestion.

Then, it will be very smart to cultivate the habit of sleep in pajamas, In the market there are excellent options to find that garment that meets all expectations in terms of comfort and convenience from the design, fabrics, colors and even price. The idea of a nightwear that is fresh and cozy helps considerably to achieve that sleep that is required for a good rest.

To be able to enjoy at the end the benefits of sleeping 8 hours after all this process of adapting to a routine of night rest it will be something to be thankful for in the medium term. Sure, it may cost a bit up front, but it's well worth the effort and discipline to hit the mark.

Another good measure to include in this routine is to ensure that that last meal is preferably at 8:30 at night when very late, and that it also includes a series of digestive foods, such as yogurt, cereals and fiber accompanied by relaxing drinks , zero coffee or carbonated drinks that are rather activating.

Even for good health from the diet, avoiding eating difficult to digest meats at night will allow you to maintain a good weight, as well as adequate values avoiding having problems with blood pressure, obesity, heart conditions, among others.

A man of good manners is a Man in Pajamas