Un Caballero En Pijamas

A Gentleman In Pajamas

Wearing bedding, having style and elegance are not just ladies things. But beyond that, you have to look at it in a practical way, a man who sleeps in Pijama you can leave your building in the middle of the night in case of an emergency.

A good suit, a nice tie or a handkerchief to offer when necessary, describe the man of today who is distinguished in character, of not only apparent success, but who builds with habits even at bedtime, like a true gentleman.

Elegance even for sleeping

The time for rest has arrived, sleeping in a good restful sleep is essential to have a productive day and with all the necessary energy to develop all the activity that is required during the day.

Sometimes we pay much more attention and importance to everyday details like a good phone or a car of the year, but we completely forget to renew the mattress or have a good Pijama, a matter not at all banal, by the way.

A Stylish Man

Take care of every last detail, that is the thought and attitude of a man with style. That also rules out any hint of sleeping without clothes, the man who has succeeded sleep with Pijama. A good example of trendsetters, Hugh Hefner.

The magician creator of Playboy, who had the luxury of flaunting a life in pijama, nothing more and nothing less than 91 years with a fine silk shroud, a mansion and a life without restrictions of any kind. So behind the Pijama comes the status as a symbol.

Status symbol

Interestingly, throughout the history of the modern western world, it happened that people went to bed with only the underwear they had worn all day. Historical data indicate that it was between the Renaissance and the Baroque, when a quite radical change of mentality took place where the affluent classes began to distinguish between daytime and evening clothing.

Going back a bit more history still, at the end of the 16th century, opting for clothes that were a little more comfortable for a night's rest, and the concept that daytime clothes at the end of the day was equivalent to a luxury that had to be taken care of became more noticeable . But, the real change came with the Industrial Revolution, when the use of Pijama began to become really massive thanks to the substitution of cotton for linen.

It was then that from the glorious 20s, for others a significant, decadent, hedonistic and supremely lively decade of history, the men's pajama model is forever fixed to this day.

Rest Ritual

So which, it turns out to wear pajamas It is one of the most important mental states that predisposes you to sleep, which favors falling asleep because it is much more effective than he gives you chamomile or a glass of warm milk.

Only when you put on your pajamas will you be ready to go to bed; Well, from the unconscious it is understood that it is bedding that is specially and exclusively made for sleeping, so it ultimately represents an unequivocal signal sent to the brain that it is time for night rest.

Although in some sense it may sound a bit strange, pajamas bring stability to life, with habits, with order. So the man who sleeps in pajamas actually faces a third of his day as he should. And this is how just putting it on is a small but very transcendent ritual that denotes the most serious respect for a rest in conditions and interest that demonstrate the importance of personal appearance.

A deserved rest

A man who sleeps in pajamas wakes up ready to face the challenges of an excellent day, of course accompanied by a good breakfast. A man who sleeps in pajamas can get up in the middle of the night if he has to, even in the coldest of winters and be perfectly warm. A man who sleeps in pajamas, but a good pajamas, will make the best impression in any circumstance.

Where the bed also, as a space for comfort and rest, also turns out to be one of the least hygienic places in the house, this because several grams of skin and dead cells are lost daily. The outer layer of the epidermis is renewed every 2 to 4 weeks on average.

Therefore, considering that millions of dead cells are shed every day from the skin that will surely end up on the sheet if there is no pajama involved. Not to mention if it is also customary to eat in bed, by the way, another very bad habit. The rest in a bed with fresh clean sheets just changed is a truly unique pleasure; where pajamas work as a perfect barrier against the germs that inhabit it.

Pajama Culture

As a man of good habits and customs, there will be a number of considerations to take into account, hence some commandments in this glorious culture begin with having at least two good pajamas, with one week of use for each.

On the other hand, it is about nightwear, not to go shopping on the corner and not for breakfast. At the time of the business trip, the first thing in the luggage should be the pair of pajamas, because you never know, well they say that a forewarned man is worth two.

When it comes to dispensing with a part of the pajamas, which is the top, pants and bare torso is an acceptable term. Well, if you leave her pajamas to her, it will be exactly the other way around, covered top and bare legs. You can always share a pajama between two.

This glorious nightwear is the only garment in which it will be possible to consider the combination of pictures in both the upper and lower pieces, which is another advantage in favor of pajamas, because even when trends vary and it is a matter of taste, the reality is that most people love paintings and it will be politically correct, for some there are never enough.

The maximum premise, always have a minimum pair of pajamas for daily or regular use, and another perhaps more elegant and with more appearance or of better quality for those special occasions. An expensive pajama is never in excess and will always be a good investment.

Good Taste Above All

Please, bad taste has its limits, no embroidered initials, this modern neo culture does not admit old-fashioned customs typical of stale aristocrats. In short, pajamas are part of a good culture, the use of pajamas is an essential part of a lifestyle out of paradigms. The days or rather the nights of sleeping naked in defiance of good taste are over.

Starting a new day well prepared to face new challenges with success is only achieved with rest in the best style, a man who sleeps in pajamas is a gentleman of this century, modern and with a unique style of distinction and, above all, of good habits both in the day as in the night.