Tendencia Homewear, Del Trabajo Remoto

Homewear Trend, From Remote Work

This globalized world scenario brought a number of transcendental changes from the hand of technology and new forms of economy and of doing business in general, which is being adopted throughout the world even as a way to open opportunities to human talent, the teleworking or the remote work.

So, now the clothes to be at home are not only comfortable, but also now must be useful, practical and flattering. Textiles such as wool, cashmere, or faithful cotton in very comfortable garments to be at home or telework

Pajamas very well made, good taste and specially designed to look good at any time of the day. For a designer in this scenario, it can be frustrating and also a challenge to make clothes when ordinary people cannot leave the house, talking about the health issue that brings us into an intermittent quarantine since 2020.

Hence, many designers, firms both large and small, try to cope by adapting to the circumstances and, most importantly, to the needs of the people. Of course, it is that society has changed drastically in its habits and lifestyle. So, faced with these mobility restrictions and the implementation of telework, it is necessary to think about clothes for time at home, at work and at home. break night.

Comfortable and Friendly Fabrics

With this reality and everyday clothes in the closet, the wardrobe to work at home requires, as already mentioned, comfortable and extremely comfortable garments, but that also meet expectations regarding tastes and preferences, that is, that they look good. We then find that fashion is expanding, with lines that have names like Homewear, loungewear or leisurewear, with collections of pants, t-shirts, shirts, and sweatshirts that are made from gentle fabrics, such as cotton.

As a reference, some firms such as Diesel have launched a line to be at home, also inspired by those sportswear models and made in a series of excellent extra soft fabrics that offer great flexibility for all day-to-day activities, with a series of collections that provide a variety of innovative and stylish garments.

Smart Garments

Incredible collections of minimalist and timeless style T-shirts that take the Hi-Tech hybrid fabric, ideal for the work at home, from the design with a much more consistent structure and that at the same time continues to provide that softness to the touch and very light on the skin to provide a unique warmth during use, especially in the winter season.

Smart Fabric

These garments are made on the outside from a 100% cotton fabric for a much cleaner finish, with an incredible matte appearance and from the inside it is made with a material that absorbs and also retains body heat in order to maintain that ideal temperature and warmth for the coldest environments.

Rather light colors, relaxed and in coherence with much more comfortable fabrics to guarantee the comfort of the pieces. Now, is this ideal for working at home, what are the best clothes to wear? work at home?

Men Working at Home

Experts are clear that it is necessary to flee from tightness and fabrics that do not perspire. Do not wear tight clothing, it is better to buy a size larger and be more comfortable. It will be very important that the pants in their design do not tighten at all in the abdomen area when we are sitting and for that it is better to use those that have elastic at the waist, especially those that have drawstring to loosen and be more comfortable. Be careful, a tracksuit is not the same as a Homewear set! Firms such as COS or Mango have specific lines with comfortable garments to be at home.

Comfort and Fashion

Of course, currently all firms offer a wide variety of new pieces constantly, which are nourished by the trends of ready-to-wear. Hence, that is why you can find sweatshirts and pants of all styles. From the most sophisticated and elegant to the most classic and even eco-friendly.

The garments for being at home are the ones that best combine with the spirit of Slow fashion or slow fashion, and also with sustainability. Brands such as Ecoalf, which is a benchmark in this field, in addition to the fact that there are many other firms that also offer pieces with these materials and fabrics that come from recycling as well as a series of absolutely organic textures.

On the other hand, there is also a great variety of garments that come from a manufacturing process with an environmentally friendly approach, since they only carry vegetable dyes and can be recycled after use, understanding the useful life to avoid waste.

Models pajamas With the sweatshirt it is a very versatile, comfortable and easy to combine garment, but also the image also counts.

Virtual Meetings

It is true that when making video calls or online work meetings we need to give a good image, to look good. And for this there are also many proposals. There are firms that offer blazer-type jackets with stretch fabrics that are very comfortable and we find a wide selection of shirts in comfortable fabrics that even prevent sweating. The same thing happens with pants, perhaps the garment that has evolved the most.

In the market there are many pajamas made with smart fabrics, such as cotton with elastane or merino wool, and there are models that even repel stains. The most important thing is to avoid the image of carelessness and prevent them from seeing that you are using any facade.