Un Pijama A La Medida

A Made To Measure Pajamas

Pajamas, a garment that currently identifies much more to the man and that remarkably reflects your style and personality. These garments specially designed to go to bed or to stay in it if the case during the weekend, tend to be so comfortable that you can miss the end of the day to use it. It is part of a ritual of that unique moment for himself.

Undoubtedly, despite some positions already in decline, pajamas It is one of the most used garments in the world, without any kind of distinctions of races, cultures or religious creed. Simply put, it is a clothing that is worn on a daily basis, and it is not only worn for the purpose of sleeping, but many times to be at home to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Initially, these garments were quite loose in order to allow full freedom of movement when sleeping. They were manufactured in soft and fresh fabrics to ensure safe perspiration and at the same time obtain comfort. Three centuries later, when England had the territory of India as a colony, it adopted and adapted to its English style, this garment used to sleep. Adding details and decoration oriented towards luxury.

It is at this moment, when this garment is defined by gender: masculine and feminine garments. It was a garment with such renown and prestige, that it became only suitable for people with high social positions, despite its origins as accessible and popularly used textile pieces in all social classes, among other things, in its simplicity. and primitive design.

Made to Measure Pajamas

Generally speaking, the reality is that no matter the garment, the concept of tailor made or the "Slim fit" is present everywhere, as it is a trend that is very popular due to the personal character that it brings to the style of each person. But then what exactly does "Slim fit" really mean?

A good example that describes this trend is when buying a "slim fit" suit, the initial purpose is to enhance the particular anatomy. As you can guess from the name, it is a suit that is expected to be tight to the body with very little excess fabric.

From where you can also choose from a wide variety of fabrics and styles with a narrow, smart or regular fit; Now, regardless of whether the idea is to personalize the garment from the beginning or if rather the option is to choose a pajama from a collection, in many houses any change in the garment can be made to suit the client.

Of course, one must start from the premise that pajamas provide a certain fit, but also expect a lot of comfort to ensure rest.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider that the jacket of the Pijama As a whole, it must conform to the anatomy taking into account enough space for good mobility, the idea is that it allows free movement, it must provide the sensation of hugging the body, since a "Slim fit" piece does not even have to be too tight or be too small, but not too loose, it's all about fit.

In the same way and proportionally, the pants must fit very well, but of course with the possibility of movement. This is how, the pants legs should be somewhat tight, without neglecting the comfort that is required.

Summers In Short Pajamas

Although it is true that when choosing clothes for rest or to be indoors, some factors were not considered too much to choose these garments, the truth is that currently there is a good and wide variety to look elegant in our pajamas.

For the hottest season of the year, models of short pajamas, since the attention should be focused largely on the comfort and taste of our home clothes or sleep with freshness and comfort.

In particular in hot times such as summer, it is usually highly recommended to use the short pajamas made of cotton, the best and purest raw material that exists to make these garments.

They turn out to be garments of extraordinary quality as well as being very soft and special for the hot days of the middle of the year. In addition to this cotton fabric, it has a shine and a special air that gives elegance and style to the Pijama.

The short models and designs are specially created and well thought out for these days, so they become perfect allies when it comes to sleeping and resting from exhausting days of daytime heat.

You can opt for, for example, Bermuda shorts, as a set of short-sleeved shirts, sometimes with a pocket towards the chest area, in light shades of white, blue, gray and pearl.

Wearing Pajamas, a Smart Decision

Although trends have evolved, it is true that there are still a few men who do not like wear pajamas often enough that it should be, most of the time it is due more than anything to a matter of custom and culture, often of origin and family history.

Now even the debate that the idea that the pijamas They are only for sleeping, it is in fact even wrong. Although the Europeans adapted very well the pijamas As garments or nightwear, from countries such as Turkey, Iran and India, as they tend to wear these loose garments regularly and daily, not only for bed, but for comfort all day in the face of such warm temperatures in those latitudes. .

Of course the wearing pajamas It is simple, but also intelligent, since most of the defenders of these garments explain that when you come home at the end of a long day, that magical change from a suit to another clothing that gives a feeling of relaxation even excessive.

Therefore, it would be great to try ending the day with a comfortable pajamas. The sure result, in addition to being very comfortable and practical, is that it will undoubtedly help considerably in preserving the useful life of the clothes for much longer as well as an effective way to fall asleep.

Without a doubt, it is indisputable that we must encourage the use of pajamas as a whole modern culture, with good habits and excellent habits, even and especially when sleeping. Because it provides convenience, hygiene and comfort.

The super comfortable sensation that cotton fabrics provide on the skin is indescribable, as it not only helps to alleviate the worries of the day, but also these pieces fit almost perfectly to the particular anatomy. It is a fact, from time to time we want to look good without having to wear our best combinations of clothes even at home on a Sunday morning.

The man in pajamas Above all, it highlights a lot of security, a great confidence in addition to good habits that are associated with order and hygiene for the hours of rest at night, in that sleep ritual that may seem insignificant, but in fact it is of vital importance.