El Polo Regresa A la Moda

Polo Returns to Fashion

Speaking of trends that come and go, with each passing day, fashion is more and more changeable. Although it is not totally mandatory to follow a trend, it never hurts to take them into account to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry and, who knows, let's take something from there to complement our style. Therefore, the eyes should review from time to time what is to be used or what is in the focus of attention, as in this case, that the pole returns in fashion.

This new season has brought with it trends with very varied inspirations. From the fashion of the 2000s, with its miniskirts, mesh top with transparencies or oversized pants, and more. But, more specifically on the men's side, there is an incredible piece of clothing that returned and caused an impact, especially for its cut and color. Here, we are talking about Polo Shirts, which were in fashion at the beginning of the 20th century and then in the 90s.

As such, the fashion revival that has been seen in recent years and as old clothing has found more life, I could not leave out this piece that had already caused a sensation among men previously for its freshness, its adaptability and its elegant simplicity.

Back then, they wore an entirely looser, striped style. While, on the other hand, we saw the elegant Polo Shirts, which took that name because of the aesthetics of the sport that gives it its name.

And now we ask ourselves the question: How is this piece being the center of attention in men's fashion? The word is renewal.

The Pole Returns Very different

Now, it is undeniable that the pole It has returned and has consolidated itself as a staple of the men's wardrobe. Despite the fact that, as we mentioned earlier, it was a widely used garment among men in the 90's, the classic polo it is many years older.

When we talk about its beginnings, we look at the mega classic Polo that René Lacoste invented, which, long before being what it is today with its renowned crocodile, was previously recognized as one of the most outstanding athletes.

By then, the connotation of this garment was very different from what we know today. This type of sports fashion dictated an indisputable status symbol, but also emphasized classic elegance.

Thus, Polo was growing and spreading to be part of other sports so that, later on it would fulfill another role among men, becoming a basic for weekend outings, and today, a basic that can be used for any occasion.

The Basic Polo That Goes With Everything

Although we already talked about the past of the Pole, we must talk about the present and that is, the Classic polo that René Lacoste created is still valid, only that it adopted the condition of basic since it combines with absolutely everything, managing to become the middle point between “elegant and casual”.

There are many types of Polo with its classic cut, but with different colors and patterns. It should be noted that none of the options that are currently presented are totally new and made their way in times past, but, as they tend to say, the classics never die and with all the movement this seems to be a good time to take them out and use them. .

On the one hand, we have knitwear with a retro aesthetic with prints, the one that became popular in the 90's, this being the one indicated for casual weekends. While, on the other hand, we have the classic monochromatic Polo, which maintains that fresh and elegant air with which, at first, it set a trend reflecting social status.

The truth is that polo is here to stay, to wreak havoc on a fashion that never gives up, changes and evolves. On the other hand, and doing their thing, are the increasingly popular rugby polo shirts, which have been timidly approaching our wardrobes for some time as a kind of micro trend for some seasons now.

Trends aren't just for the stars, although it looks like this will be a definitive season for these fabulous pieces. Once again, fashion adheres to concepts from nostalgia to recover those attractive and colorful polo shirts, with colored striped prints that were a trend more than 10 years ago and that today are paraded in Prada, Neil Barrett, MSGM or Dolce & Gabbana as if they were the most modern thing on the planet. Shia LaBeouf or David Beckham are the most assiduous and seasoned models of these spectacular polo shirts.

A Fashionable Man

Specifically, speaking of clothing fashion, we know that it is the style that prevails in a given time. As a statistical concept, it indicates the value that appears most frequently in a series of data, and in fact it is a very good analogy referring to the use or novelty that achieves the greatest or wide acceptance among a public or social group, and that can affect or influence the lifestyle of that and other social groups in general.

In short, and to be much more exact, fashion refers exclusively to the set of social phenomena that are closely linked to changing clothing as well as the social phenomenon that generates and is generated by the constant and periodic variation of these trends in clothing.

Well then, Fashion It changes, but it is also cyclical, it is renewed. And within all these aspects, gentlemen find a space to look good, dress in fashion and indulge themselves in having all kinds of garments including night rest, or pajamas, as part of your wardrobe.

Based on the fact that this society of increasingly active and highly participatory consumers requires garments that are worth both men and women, faithful companions of the day and also at night, from the gym to the bar and from the airport to the office.

It is a fact that to a greater or lesser extent we are all immersed in this boom of sportswear for not doing sports and that of the style of clothing for the wealthy who literally do whatever they want like wearing cashmere leggings or those cardigans knitted silk, also comes the fashion for El Búho Nocturnos, a series of pajama models that seem all but that.

The truth is that the gentlemen are building a very own and particular style, that style that reflects the personality, far from being bland or insipid. Men are choosing, developing fine taste in their choices, studying trends with great judgment and a lot of analysis of what really looks good on them.

With a taste that is refined as trends are updated, fashion becomes an acquired taste, assimilating a style that is your own is built from much more than following nonsensical trends. It has to do with reflecting an image that highlights the personality and individuality of the modern man who stands out.