Bambú: los Pijamas de Hombre y Bóxers de Tela más Suaves

Bamboo: The Softest Pajamas and Boxers for Men

Discover the benefits of bamboo / polyester, a better and more advanced fabric than simple cotton

Did you know that the bamboo plant is one of the most renewable resources on the planet? And what is one of the most inexhaustible?

In this note, we will tell you about the main fabric in the latest collection of men's boxers and pajamas from El Búho Nocturno. Once again, we are committed to a responsible way of production because bamboo fabric is of natural origin and from sustainable sources. In this way, El Búho Nocturno offers them summer men's pajamas and boxers of the highest quality fabric while taking care of the environment.

The bamboo:

- It is a self-sufficient plant,
- It grows spontaneously, and
- It is inherently resistant to bacteria.

What does this mean? That bamboo does not need too much water, or chemicals to protect it. Nor are there behind its growth certain resources that require energy and money. Using bamboo fabric is betting on quality and health; is a tissue eco friendly since it produces 35% more oxygen than other trees and, in addition, it is renewable and sustainable.

How do you get the bamboo fabric used in the manufacture of our men's pajamas and boxers?

1) The pulp is extracted from the cane (cellulose fiber). This process can be done through a mechanical process or a chemical process. The first is more ecological and it is important to differentiate them because, from the second, what is known by the name of bamboo viscose is obtained.

2) Wash.

3) Dries and brushes. This step is what makes the fabric clean.

4) The scouring is done so that it acquires smoothness.

5) It bleaches and stains.

6) The result: a quality garment that invites to be part of anyone's wardrobe, even aligned with more exclusive fabrics such as silk.

El Búho Nocturno has chosen to make the latest line of underpants with natural bamboo fibers because, among many of its benefits, it is a hypoallergenic fabric (recommended for sensitive and allergic skin since it does not have lanolin, a fatty substance that is obtained from some animals) . In addition, it is absorbent and breathable (even more than cotton). It has a chemical called KUN that is characterized by being a natural bactericide that eliminates 99% of the bacteria that come into contact with the fabric, making it a fabric that does not easily impregnate bad odors since these bacteria exist in the fabric. human body are eradicated.

In turn, it is a cloth very soft to the touch and comfortable. Even also, it is a practical fabric because it gets less dirty than other fabrics and helps regulate body temperature. It is cool for the summer and warm for the winter; it aligns with your own body temperature. In addition, garments made with bamboo are more resistant and durable over time.

In summary, the advantages and benefits of fabric:
- Hypoallergenic (does not itch, does not scratch)
- Hygienic,
- Breathable,
- Absorbent,
- Regulator of body temperature,
- Antibacterial, and
- Resistant.
El Búho Nocturno offers comfortable and stylish, sustainable and ecological men's briefs and pajamas. Take care of yourself and take care of the environment. What are you waiting for to purchase one of our fabulous men's bamboo pajamas, or bamboo boxer briefs?
El Búho Nocturno family