Pijamas de Hombre: Tencel, un material extraordinario

Men's Pajamas: Tencel, an extraordinary material

TENCEL FABRIC, A NATURAL FABRIC: beyond 100% cotton pajamas

When making a garment, in our case a pajama, you can use synthetic or natural fabrics; the former are cheaper, but the latter are a responsible option since they are found directly in nature. The industrial processes used to get these fabrics are more sustainable and ecological, from which the planet and the environment receive less pollution.
Natural fibers can be of plant origin (such as cotton) or of animal origin (such as wool). Either way, they bring numerous benefits. Men's pajamas made with this type of fabric are more hygienic and soft to the touch.
Thanks to our continuous search, the latest collection of El Búho Nocturno stands out for the manufacture of men's pajamas with natural fabrics. Viyela pajamas for men are made of 60% cotton and 40% tencel. Some of its benefits are thermal insulation, softness and the result of more hygienic garments.
The tencel fabric is of 100% vegetable origin, very similar to cotton. The main difference between the two is that the tencel fabric is made from recycled fibers, which makes it very attractive to make clothes if you want to respect and care for planet Earth at the same time. It involves exclusively ecological manufacturing. As explained in The Ribes & Casals Blog, To make this fabric, water is recycled during the spinning process, which makes it almost entirely reusable.
The origin of tencel dates back to 2010 and is currently the healthiest. Its fibers are extracted from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees and it invites us to enjoy many of its benefits:
- rregulates body temperature,
- es breathable,
- toabsorbs moisture,
- offers mmaximum softness to the touch,
- se dries faster and wrinkles less, and
- is mStronger than cotton.
Tencel fabric is durable. Our men's pajamas are machine washable without the colors fading or the fibers spoiling.
For this reason, El Búho Nocturno has chosen natural fibers for the men's pajamas from its Premium collection. Healthy garments, designed for greater daily comfort.
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