Tipos de Cuello de Pijamas y Camisetas de Hombre

Types of Neck Pajamas and Men's T-shirts

Men's pajamas, collar types

El Búho Nocturno men's pajamas are made with different types of neck according to the needs of our customers. The desire to provide comfortable and elegant pajamas, as well as versatile, translates into a wide range of Woven Pajamas and knitted pajamas for different occasions, in which the type of pajama neck plays an important role. As our flagship is classic men's pajamas, it is with respect to these pajamas that the neck varies and matters most.
Our men's pajamas have had numerous collars that have practically gone down in history, such as the tuxedo type, the mao type, the sir or high button, etc. This is because in recent times our public has clearly opted for the lapel collar type, which now makes up the bulk of our men's pajamas references.
Undoubtedly fashion, which testifies to something that is in vogue for a certain period of time and place, has changed and become standardized. However, style, unlike fashion, is something more personal that does not depend on the latter. Generally, each person has their own style, but does not lose sight of fashion. At El Búho Nocturno we have adapted to the preferences of our clients but remain, in a way, versatile and, therefore, we offer a lot of variety and great distinction in our pajamas and living clothes at home.
An important moment of the day is when we come home from work or even after being with friends. We need to be comfortable in our most private space. But also, we understand that comfort is not synonymous with “letting yourself be”, but rather feeling good about yourself, what you do and what you wear. Hence, the classic pajamas are our star product and the clothes to be at home (t-shirts, pajama pants, fabric or knitted briefs) are the best complement.
This is where our classic cloth pajamas and knit pajamas come into play. Each model has particular details and features that distinguish them from each other. Some examples can be color, fabric, pattern, etc.
In this note, we will introduce you to the different types of collars that characterize our pajamas. We will start with men's cloth pajamas that have three different neck styles: lapel, judo and sir.
LAP NECK: It is the most classic cut in pajamas (very typical also in more formal jackets and coats). It is characterized by the crossing of the garment towards the outside with a flap. It offers a touch of formal distinction, shelters what is necessary, allows it to be fastened at will and, therefore, is currently the dominant collar in our collections.
JUDO NECK: It is more informal than the previous one and, above all, more comfortable for high temperatures because it prevents the heat from rising to the face and head and suffocating. It can also be something more youthful since it has a more relaxed demeanor. Its main characteristic is that it is the preferred garment for hospital stays because it allows manipulations and the laying of lines and other care that the patient may require.
SIR NECK: It is the typical cut of men's dress shirts. In these pajamas, the buttons can be buttoned up to the neck. It is formal, gentlemanly, elegant. With hipster fashion these classic men's pajamas have become something modern. It is the men's pajamas of choice for the European public.
In addition to cloth pajamas, El Búho Nocturno makes knitted pajama sets for men. Here too, the tops can be distinguished between three types of neck: round, peak and placket.
ROUND NECK: It is the best known and classic within this type of garment. El Búho Nocturno makes round neck T-shirts that can be combined with cloth pajama pants. It is an original, free and youthful option because each person chooses their outfit in a very personal way.
NECK: The t-shirts that usually wear this neck model are also more modern and fresh than the round one. Men's pajamas and T-shirts of this type are playful and stylish.
TAPE NECK: The quintessential knit collar. It is characterized by being round with three buttons that can be used fastened or not. It is a very beautiful model because it plays with its uses, it is even practical and comfortable in both winter and summer due to the freedom provided by the buttons. It is the predominant collar and most demanded by our clients.
In the Online store from our website, you can search for products by type of collar by applying the corresponding filter. There are many models and a lot of variety. As you can see, the pajamas are distinguished by the type of neck, by the color, by the pattern and the fabric, resulting in a unique model. El Búho Nocturno is style and distinction. Dress to dream.
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